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Well, hello 34! #BirthdayChronicles

Baby Erica Lynn

As the clock strikes 12 to usher me into another year of life, I am both filled with lots of thoughts and feelings and on the other hand, not many at all. Reflecting on the year that was, 33 was not much of what I’d hoped it would be, but it certainly was what I needed. While I might not have performed miraculous acts like Jesus in his 33rd year, I do know there were many performed on my behalf to get me here. I also didn’t have to lay down my life to save the world, although I said goodbye to the old me and some old things that perhaps stood in the way of me doing my small part. I did what was difficult even when I didn’t feel like it. I was honest with myself and those around me even when it was uncomfortable. I said no to the things that weren’t serving me and yes to new beginnings. I made changes, and in some ways, I achieved much more than I’d set out to accomplish in this year. I heard my voice louder and found the courage to use it. Sometimes as an advocate for those around me and others for myself. I have the slightest idea of what’s coming next, but I know that it won’t be what has been. That is enough to be grateful for.

I am stepping into the unknown with unfamiliar circumstances; I am both terrified and excited. I am ready and becoming. I am okay to be both a work in progress and a masterpiece. In this new year, year 34, deemed my Shaq year, I shall take on the swagger of its namesake. Dominate everything in front of me. I will dominate my dreams and aspirations no longer fearing “if” but determining that the when is now. I will dominate my thoughts, no longer allowing the dark times to overtake hope. I will feel, I will understand, I will move on, and then I will dominate.

So here’s to my best year yet and whatever it looks like. I have envisioned what I desire, but I won’t put limits on what it’ll become because here’s what I’ve learned about life as I’ve come to know it, for everything I could hope for, there is always so much more. So I open myself to all of the possibilities, to all of the heights. I understand there will be lows, but I know I am capable of winning the fight. I will soar higher, speak clearer, dream bigger, accomplish more and if I do nothing else, I will dominate everything with the strength and finesse, humor and fun that Shaq did. Hello, Year 34, let’s do this!!

2 thoughts on “Well, hello 34! #BirthdayChronicles”

  1. Love, love , love this post! I love that I’m fortunate enough to walk beside you and know that you’ve captured the year you’ve had and who your are becoming so well with these words. Here’s to your voice and everything and every part of you to come!

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