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You haven’t been productive and thats okay.

So during this time, lots of blogs, lots of posts, lots of tweets are going to be focused on “How to be productive during this time” type of information. People are going to give lists of ways to pass the time and lists of how to’s for everything imaginable. And all of those are great, necessary and helpful, of course. I can’t say I won’t do some of my own in weeks to come. But I am here to tell you, today, that it is also okay if you take some time to do absolutely nothing. Reality is, we are amid a pandemic, a real crisis, and completely uncharted territory. We have incompetent “leadership,” and we’re getting bombarded with constant information without knowing what’s true or false. We have no clue when this is going to “end.” Every conspiracy folks can think of is running ramped and none with the slightest bit of resolutions for the plausible ones and not a lick of sense attached to most others. On top of all of that, people are getting sick. By now, you likely know someone who has it or sadly has passed away from it or are one degree of separation away.
At the very least, you’ve read the stories around it. While ALL of the hospitals may not be in a panic, there are plenty filled with health care workers who are worn out, overworked, and without proper tools to do their jobs and help save lives. Some people are not getting the care they need and are suffering. IT IS A LOT. And it’s okay to acknowledge it as so. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, anxious, and confused. It’s okay not to have it figured out, especially for those of us who have been impacted financially by this. I know you love your kids, but it is okay to feel overwhelmed by the reality of being with them 24/7 and even your partner if you have one. It does not make you a bad parent or a bad person, you’re human, and in our normal flow of life, we’d have a time where we can spend by ourselves or doing other things away from home. It’s okay to feel isolated and alone if you are on your own. It doesn’t make you weird or needy; you would typically have times when you’d go out and spend time with loves ones or in public settings around others. I’m a firm believer in the necessity of the work/life balance, and this challenges everything that generally contributes to our overall health. So I’m just saying if you need to take some time to process, to get your new rhythm together, to understand what is it you truly need to be focusing on in this time, in addition to simply just trying to live. Just know that if the most you did today was get out of bed, brush your teeth and eat food, then you’ve done enough. Tomorrow is a new day and if you feel up to it, then great, if not, that’s okay too. The point is, this is your time to do what’s in your best interest, and sometimes that’s to do nothing. Don’t let the over-eager encouragers of social media make you feel as though you should be, have to, or are behind; there is nothing wrong with you. You are okay. So kick your feet up, watch your mindless tv and do what you have to do until you can do what you can and need to do. We’re likely in the house for a while anyway, believe me, it’s okay!!!

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