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New Year, Who Dis?

The universe conspires for my greater good, and I must trust it. I have no idea who needs to hear this or what the last two years have been like for you. I want you to know that if you made some hard decisions and feel at peace with them, then this is confirmation that you did the right thing. We’re shifting into a new season that isn’t like anything we’ve ever experienced before. And that is terrifying but be excited about the possibilities. New beginnings mean an opportunity for new experiences. The kind that perhaps you didn’t even know you needed. The kind that breaks you wide open and fills you up. The kind that feels nice and easy. The kind that feels like a warm hug or a perfect Sunday afternoon. This virus is raging on with no end in sight, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop living. And I don’t say that irresponsibly. If you haven’t already, please get vaxxed and boosted. Get you some n95 masks. Stay away from ppl as much as possible and take your vitamins and all that jazz. This shit is real, and those things can help. And I am not debating about any of that, so please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. Listen to yourself for whatever your soul is crying out for, and your heart knows to be true about what you need. Make the change, leap, choose yourself: your happiness, peace, and dreams. You deserve to live a life that feels good. And not in the unrealistic, every day is Disneyland kind of way because it won’t always feel like that of course but in the, but even on the days it isn’t all roses, life still feels right kind of way. I’ve decided to bet on myself, and I have no doubt you/we will win. Happy New Year!

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