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Own your Power

Hey you, yes you! Did you know that you are powerful? No, like really! You possess an incredible power that is specific to you. I know that we don’t always feel very powerful, but we have great strengths and abilities that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for. You’ve bounced back from so many things. You’ve had your heartbroken, dealt with disappointment, lost people that meant the world to you, and still, somehow, you’re here. You’ve missed out on opportunities and still found a way. You’ve seen yourself through so many things you didn’t think you would. And at the bare minimum, you’re you, and there is no one else like you. That alone is a superpower because it means that there is something you have to offer this world that no one else can give. That means that there is something else you are to do in this life that no one else will ever be able to accomplish. You are a gift and a blessing. There are people known and unknown that are encouraged, grateful, happy, and still going because you’ve existed in their world in a way that has had a significant impact on them, whether they’ve told you so or not. So stop playing small, and stop sleeping on yourself. Fight through the doubts and fears. No life isn’t easy, nor will this journey be. But you’ve got it. You’re capable. You can set boundaries around your energy even when it feels impossible. No one who is supposed to be in your life will leave because you’ve adjusted how you move. They will simply adjust to you. You have the power to speak the things you desire into your life, and you have to believe it to be so. The only thing standing in your way to becoming who you want to be is you. When you know better, you do better. Tap into what you know, and be open to learning more. Know that growth and evolution is a continuous journey. Love you and accept nothing less than the kind of love you deserve. And when your days are long, the darkness overshadows the light, and all hope seems lost, dig deep, remember who the fuck you are, and push through. You are made in God’s image with a conquering spirit. Be powerful friends and own it; the world needs you!

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