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Grief, Pain, and Sports fandom.

The unique relationship between sports and fans and how the outcome of a particular game or season can affect one's life is something to behold. It might be hard to truly understand for those who take no interest in sports or even the casual sports fan. And to be quite honest, it's kind of hard... Continue Reading →

Hey you, yeah you….hang in there.

So after a week of feeling completely unmotivated and abnormally tired, here I sit at 2:25am pst with my laptop in front of me. I've spent the better parts of this week wishing I could crack this thing open and write something meaningful. I wish that I could continue working on that one script or... Continue Reading →

Okay, so like…I’m over this…

For the most part, I've been maintaining and doing alright during this quarantine. Like, I'm a homebody, so being home hasn't as much been the problem as it is being told I can't leave freely is. It wasn't until now, and perhaps as a result of being told we're in the house for another 3... Continue Reading →

Life as I come to know it…

Why "Life as I come to know it"? Well, because that's how I'm approaching each day. No one has it all figured out, and anyone who tells you they do is either full of shit or has put a limit on themselves without even knowing it. Even at the height of success, the wisest people... Continue Reading →

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