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If it isn’t love…

Welp, it's the day after Valentine's Day or, as some like to refer to it, Happy side-chick day. LOL. As of yesterday, some folks either were made extremely happy with the love their partner showed them, got a rude awakening of just where they stand with someone, felt lonely, or didn't give a damn cause... Continue Reading →

Healing isn’t linear.

So one of the things that I've learned on my healing journey is that it is not linear. There is no one size fits all approach to landing in some fully healed place in the "appropriate" amount of time to move on to the next chapter in your life. It is constant, and at times... Continue Reading →

New Year, Who Dis?

The universe conspires for my greater good, and I must trust it. I have no idea who needs to hear this or what the last two years have been like for you. I want you to know that if you made some hard decisions and feel at peace with them, then this is confirmation that... Continue Reading →

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