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How to comfort someone who is grieving.

One of the most challenging things to go through, particularly when you are an empath like I am, is to be there for someone while they are grieving. Its a tough balance to strike between caring for them while still caring for yourself. One cannot exist without the other, and it is not selfish to... Continue Reading →

The thing about Fairytales and why it’s okay to still believe in them.

Sometimes I feel as though we give fairytales a bad wrap. And it's not because we grew up to find that they were giving us false hope but because in growing up our perspectives have changed. As kids, we are hopeful and optimistic, not yet tainted by the hardships of this world. We are born... Continue Reading →

How I cope when feeling overwhelmed.

You ever feel overwhelmed by life? Like everything is happening all at once, and it's hard to keep your head above water? Perhaps its life changes are happening all at once and trying to sift through your feelings and thoughts while making difficult decisions. Maybe it's the frustration of working hard towards something, getting close... Continue Reading →

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