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Grief, Pain, and Sports fandom.

The unique relationship between sports and fans and how the outcome of a particular game or season can affect one's life is something to behold. It might be hard to truly understand for those who take no interest in sports or even the casual sports fan. And to be quite honest, it's kind of hard... Continue Reading →

Women love sports too, ​and it’s time we start acting like it.​

Since I can remember, sports have always been a part of my life. My older brother played basketball for the local park rec leagues, AAU, and his schools growing up. My older cousins, football, and basketball as well. I tried a little bit of everything, tee-ball, flag football, tennis, basketball, cheerleading (yes, its a sport).... Continue Reading →

Dear Dodgers,

Dear Dodgers, So I'm not going to front like I'm some lifelong fan, as though I have some childhood memories of me and pops heading to the ballpark to root on our favorite team. The truth is, I was pretty late to the party, I'm talking about just about seven years or so ago late.... Continue Reading →

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