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5 practical​ ways to keep your new year’s resolutions.

Alright, so we’re a week in and the excitement of the new year is already starting to give way to the rigamarole of life. If you are anything like me, then this is probably the most crucial time of the year as it relates to maintaining and conquering my goals set for the new year. As we know, it typically takes 21 days to create a habit, and I have a habit of making all of these plans of all of the things I am going to do differently to meet my goals just to slip right back into my old routine slowly. Not this year though and here are the five ways I am going to ensure I don’t.

  1. Write it down, make it plan.

A popular tool for this is the vision board. More and more I am seeing people host vision board parties and it’s certainly an excellent way to visualize how you’d like for the year to go. However, to take it a step further, I recommend writing out your exact plans for the year. What are your goals, what are hoping to accomplish between now and Dec 31st? What is your practical plan to execute? Think about the step by step ways that you can meet each goal and write them out. Give yourself deadlines if applicable. The more detailed you are about what you want out of life, the better. Doing this not only helps you to see your goals but it helps to flush out the thoughts in your head and put them into action. There is a natural level of accountability that comes once you have written out a plan. There is a reason why we have to write out a business plan when starting a business, why should planning your life be any different. So get to writing, your future is waiting for it.

2. Accountability partner

I am incredibly blessed to have some people in my life who are willing to journey alongside me as I work towards my goals and do my best to help them reach theirs. What I have learned though, is that as life goes on and everyone gets into their worlds as we tend to do, the consistency in which we check in with each other slowly fades. Not because we stop caring but because well, life is happening. One way my friends and I are working to combat that is to do a monthly check-in. At the beginning of each month, we are each going to write out our goals for the month. We’ll then give our goals to someone in the group. That person will be responsible for checking in once in the middle of the month on our designated check-in date and at the end of the month with their person. The hope is that by going month to month we can find ourselves checking off our lists more consistently and it holds us to it when we know they are dates involved and someone to challenge you. Also, it’s a way to keep regular dates with your friends. Fun. Assemble your squad and set your dates. We will win, together.

3. New Year, New Goal

3. New year, new goal.

While there may be things that you are continuing the pursuit of, it might be beneficial to set a different type of goal surrounding it then the ones you set in the past. That doesn’t mean you give up on that thing; it just means that you are trying a different approach to achieving or obtaining whatever it may be. Take time to think about some goals you’ve set in the past and use the strategies that were successful in getting you closer to where you wanted to be and take out the ones that didn’t. Taking out some of the old habits that surrounded the goals that prevented you from achieving them and taking on a different approach might be the thing needed to get you over the hump and help you reach the finish line. Don’t let trying and failing stop you from going after whatever you want, map out a new plan of attack and go.

4. Gratitude Jar

This isn’t necessarily directly related to keeping your resolutions per se, but it is a great way to keep a spirit of gratitude as you go about your year. It also sets up for a fulfilling year in review when you open the jar. Get an empty jar and each week add a note with something good that happened. On Dec 31st empty the jar and read about the great things that happened throughout the year. Even if for whatever reason you don’t end up where you want at the end of the year, you will be able to be grateful for all of the awesome things that did happen. Gratitude is one of the best ways to unlock the life you desire. The universe tends to reward a grateful heart, so grab your jar and fill it up. Great things are awaiting you.

5. No matter what, keep going.

Even if you fall off track, don’t worry about it. Pick up where you left off and keep going. So what you missed a workout or broke your diet. Who cares if you missed a deadline or set aside a project you were working on. Okay, you didn’t get the interview or the job, that sucks, but it’s not the end for you. Bad dates happen, but that person for you is out there. It’s easier said than done, believe me, I know, but you have to be able to allow room for missteps and setbacks and find it in you to keep fighting the fight to achieve your goals. You compete with no one, there is no time limit on your success, nor is there any one way to achieve it. Define what success is for you and move at your own pace. Don’t allow social media or society to dictate your life. Take your power back and press forward. You will reach your destination at the right time, and it’ll be more than you could have hoped for.

Happy New Year!!! Let’s be great.

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